Just the Two of Us - Brains Eden 2016


Team up with your friends or battle against your friends for the fastest time! It’s up to you! In “Just the Two Of Us” both is possible. 2 Players team up to finish the level time trial as quick as possible. But beware! A giant evil quickly closes in on the players, hit all objectives while staying in range of each other to keep the evil at bay.

This game was made during a gamejam called “Brain’s Eden 2016”, a 48 hours game jam in Cambridge, UK. The game jam was themed around “Parity”. Having a theme for a gamejam really helps with guiding people in the right direction.

The university college, Howest, sent 2 teams to compete: The Dangerous arcade Elitists and DA Eden. I was competing as a member of DA Eden. The game ended up as a honorable mention decided by the unity judges.


  • Sander Vander Meiren (Art)
  • Samuel De Vos (Art)
  • Simon Coenen (Programming)
  • Leo Vansteenkiste (Programming)
  • Jonathan Steyfkens (Programming)

During the gamejam we have all contributed in multiple parts of the game. The major parts that I have contributed to are listed below.


  • UI
  • Input management
  • Menu-Scene interactions
  • Audio