Realtime metaballs


Geometry shader created with HLSL in a framework provided by Howest (overlord). The framework is programmed in c++ using the DirectX api. Everything is built from scratch: gui, rendering, geometry generation. The algorithm is based on marching cubes but adjusted to marching tetrahedra for use within HLSL.

I first prototyped metacirces in 2D to understand the mathematical concepts. You can find links to both applications below.

Technical Details

  • Engine: Overlord Engine ( DAE )
  • Language: C++
  • Graphics API: DirectX 11
  • Version Control: Git


This application was part of the module Graphics Programming 2 of DAE. We were tasked for creating a geometry shader using the DirectX 11 and the DirectX 11 effects framework. This really thought me a lot what to do and what not to do in graphics programming (mostly what not to do). I’ve also written a paper highlighting my research.

The paper can be found here