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Hello world

Enough with the cliché programming references and on to real business. Welcome to my first blog post! I’m Jonathan, a open-minded technology lover and programmer. This blog will serve as a dumping ground for mostly my thoughts, experiments and sample projects I make in my free time.

A bit more about my self, as I said before I’m called Jonathan but usually this abbreviates to Jon or Jono (I prefer Jono) so I will be signing off my future posts with either of these nicknames. I’m a programmer that focusses on render and game engine technologies, for now I can’t really say I’m an expert but I’ve got a solid understanding of how the pipelines work. Expect to see blog posts about game engines and/or rendering on here!

I originate from a small lovely little country called belgium (yes, we’ve got Jean Claude Van Damme) where I grew up. During my time growing up I got into playing online video games. These usually ran at 10 frames per second on my families old computer, but they ran! Which was already amazing on it’s own. After starting creation small little websites using html and javascript I quickly realised I wanted to learn more complicated things. So I started studying Digital Arts and entertainment. And now I am a full time programmer at a games company!

I hope you enjoyed this read, feel free to contact me. See the bottom of my pages for my email,twitter or github handles.